Data Munging, Data Visualization, ETL

Data Viz / GenArt Tool / ML Tool Expert Graph Handling - Visualize GNN, SVM, Gradient Boosting, Random Forests there are a million NN image classiefiers enough already Community Tool - Lots of Docs, Lots of Extensibility, Support Mainlining Plugins for pipeline integration

Constraints All code C# dotnet core 3.1 All Builds - win10 intel 64, mac whatever, debian arm All working data is in SQLite - avoid EF if possible for performance All tested - nunit SDL.NET for rendering? Make a new wrapper for .net core 3.1+

features ordered by impl UI Starting with - 2 pane file management file renaming pipelines via node based editor bookmark manager extension for 2 pane organizer bookmark manager classifier text generator - book inputs, wordlist inputs

optional SQLite compression extension? DAG based job processor Pandas like structures 3d MatPlotLib